One Last Time

Hello!  I'm currently at the beach in Duck, NC enjoying my last work-free weekend with this absolutely breath-taking view:

Can you believe this place?  It's beautiful!  My friend's parent's dream was to own their own beach house one day and they made it a reality a few years ago.  Their home is like a jungle, and her mom likes to call it, Where The Wild Things Are.  (Yes, she is a teacher!)

On a separate note, I just learned about the awesome Donors Choose Community, Caring Classrooms.  It's such a great idea and way to get the word spread about new classroom projects in need of funding.  I just donated to a project for a classroom to get a puppet show about accepting others' differences.  How cool!  I didn't know that you could create projects that weren't just for school supplies, books, etc.  Anyway, that project has ALREADY been funded because of how generous everyone in this online community is.  

I'm going to leave here on this high note and go get myself an acai bowl (my latest obsession) before I make my trek back home to reality.  Tomorrow is my first PD day and I (honestly) can't wait to be back in my classroom to start prepping for the school year! HERE WE GO! :) 

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