Cricut Vinyl Projects for the Classroom

You just got a brand new Cricut!  Time to start crafting and make all the things for your classroom... but where to start?? I've made a list of the top 5 Cricut vinyl projects you can get started on for your classroom.

I've provided affiliate links throughout this post for your shopping convenience. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links.  This does not affect the cost in any way.

1. Number your book bins

I used Cricut Permanent Vinyl on these book bins and numbered them for each of my students.  Labeling the book bins with numbers instead of names allows me to easily re-use them each year! I prefer to use Craftopia transfer tape.

2. Label your supply caddies

I got this supply caddy from Michaels and labeled it "Reading toolbox" because I let my students pick out items they need during guided reading groups. You can organize your reading, math, or table group supplies by labeling your caddies! 

3. Never write the date again!

This brilliant idea comes from Sarah @positvely.reading.  She used vinyl for "Today's date is" and cut the numbers out of laminated cardstock. I'm totally doing this for next school year! 

4. Organize the pencils, erasers, markers, scissors, etc.

Everything has a place!  You can find these metal buckets at Michaels, and they are usually super cheap.  Use your Cricut vinyl to make labels for sharp and dull pencils, erasers, colored pencils, markers, scissors.  It's best to choose a thicker font so your students can read the labels easily, and avoid making it too wide so that you can't see the whole word (like the label for erasers).

5.  Personalize all the things!

Personalize your school laptop, desk, chalkboard, classroom door... the possibilities are endless!  You can usually find some of these pencil banners from Target around August, and create your own teacher sign.  Everything looks better with your name on it!


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